About The Karen New Year Shop

We are the committee of Karen New Year Sydney

Celebrate Karen New Year Karen Era 2760 with us!

This online store has been created by the Karen New Year Sydney committee to help raise funds for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) within Myanmar and refugees on the Thai Burma border.

Current Covid-19 restrictions means that we cannot celebrate Karen New Year together as we would normally do. This means the mini markets of food and clothing and cash donations on the day are no longer able to raise money. 

We are innovating by taking our fundraising online!

You can purchase various items securely on this site, and all proceeds will go to the Karen New Year Committee who will distribute to IDPS and refugees in need.

You can choose to pay by direct bank deposit, securely by credit card or using Paypal.

Thank you for your support, and Happy Karen New Year!

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John Roc Convenor of Karen New Year Celebration 2759
Saw Lwin Oo President of the Australian Karen Organisation at Karen New Year Karen Era 2759


Convenors: Mahn John Roc, Mahn Orlando, Pee Sunshine

Coordinators: Tee Lwin Oo, Mee Squee, Tharamu Dah Eh Kler, Hser Nay Kaw


Sport: Eh Say Aung

Culture: Thoo Lei Phan, Dah Eh Kler, Htoo Rar Paw

Finance: Mahn Chit Sein

Education Recognition: Mahn John Roc, Tee Victor, Mee Squee

Newletter: Thoo Lei Phan, Tee Lwin Oo, Mahn Orlando, Mahn John Roc

Entertainment: Chris Moo, Thoo Lei Phan, Mee Squee, Tee Lwin Oo

MCs: Tasneem Roc and Thera Bready Aye


Our overall aim is to celebrate Karen New Year 2760 in unison with all Karens around the world.

The objectives of our celebration are:

1. To express unity among Karen people by working together regardless of dialects and religious beliefs.
2. To maintain, sustain and develop Karen culture and traditions.
3. To raise awareness and advocate for Karen communities in Australia.
4. To highlight the ongoing humanitarian crisis faced by Karen people both within Burma and overseas such as along the Thai-Burma border.
5. To extend help and assistance to Karen refugees and IDPs (internally displaced people).